From each selected ward, one or two segments were selected with PPS in the second stage. As each step is linked with the others, exclusions in one stage have repercussions on other steps. They government agencies provide employment to those who already have enough and let the poor die. Both central and state governments contribute the entire premium in RSBY. RSBY itself is not capable of addressing these existing exclusionary processes in society Majority of the participants are from the rural area

Participation in social organization 93 The questionnaire used was structured and was divided into 12 parts with different functions and objectives. Since inception in , RSBY claims to have covered more than half of the targeted population. Thane representing the western part of Maharashtra, Osmanabad representing the south, Jalna representing the central part, Bhandara representing the east, and Nandurbar representing the northern part. The HH listing process was carried out in the selected primary sampling units PSUs by the trained field investigators. The HH list was used to identify the potential participants for discussion. Amicus Advisory Private Limited; Available from:

Due to annual renewal, many HHs were not able to reenroll next year.

case study on rsby

In-Depth Stud were conducted to describe the process of social exclusion based on the narratives of individual experience. The two-way chi-square test and unpaired t test were applied while comparing different groups of respondents for different independent categorical variables.

Rsby Scheme And Out Of Pocket Expenditure – A Case Study From Chhattisgarh

For the type of house and landholding, the statistically significant difference is not present when compared between overall aware vs. Within each of the sampling domains of rural stury urban areas, a systematic, multistage stratified sampling design was used.


It is the time to relook into the role of stakeholders involved in informing people about the health insurance scheme and take appropriate actions In the first stage, wards were selected with PPS. Out of HHs, only For this, we cannot depend upon the private sector. In-Depth Interviews with Household Members In-Depth Interviews were conducted to describe the process of social exclusion based on the narratives of individual experience.

Factors such as lack of accurate data for enrolling the BPL HHs and lack of infrastructure at the grass root level are reported as the key reasons.

RSBY scheme and Out of pocket expenditure – a Case Study from Chhattisgarh

External evaluation of user fee scheme in government hospitals in Maharashtra state in India. Seshadri T, Ganesh G. Public Health 6: For each HH, the cass of the HH was interviewed through a structured interview schedule after their consent.

case study on rsby

J Gokhale Inst Polit Econ 49 3—4: Now you only can tell me where should I go for treatment? The views and conclusions presented in this policy brief are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

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Soc Change 43 2: It was a 3-year May —April collaborative research project. It is seen that out of HHs, only Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana scheme in Maharashtra as well as the other states of India and similar state-sponsored health insurance schemes should ensure sufficient enrollment by proactively educating the vulnerable sections.

In addition to that I have been to several hospitals for treatment and there is no relief cure. At the end, it must be mentioned that we cannot only depend upon health xase schemes to improve the health situation and achieve universal health care in the Maharashtra state and the country. We never went there to hospitals, clinics … with the intention to use the card.


Stkdy understanding of hospitals empaneled, services covered, and the facilities therein are alarming and calls upon examination of strategies being adopted by the enrolling agencies in the states with RSBY.

Even if the HH was enrolled for the last few years, there was uncertainty about which hospitals can provide services. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. Materials and Methods The research protocol was developed during December to April The participants felt that such schemes did not reach their intended beneficiaries due to various SPEC factors.

These local health workers often do not view RSBY information dissemination as a priority due to numerous other responsibilities. HH listing was then done only in the two selected segments.

case study on rsby

RSBY scheme depends on these insurance companies for involving the local governance structure and deploy strategies such as preenrollment campaign and information, education, and communication IEC activities through announcement and advertising at public places to inform targeted population. Social exclusion and social health protection in low- and middle-income countries: