Cite this version of the work Jamie Sikora Learning with Errors is easy with quantum samples [ pdf ]. QMA with subset state witnesses [ pdf ]. To explore the possibility of finding explicit optimal or near-optimal protocols, we focus on a class which generalizes such protocols. There has been increased research activity in optimization concerning generalizing theory and algorithms for linear programming to much wider classes of optimization problems such as semidefinite programming. Quantum money from hidden subspaces.

Physical Review A, 81 6: Streaming communication protocols [ pdf ]. Moreover, we discuss some of the difficulties that arise when considering non-quantum theories. Statistics View Google statistics. Interaction in a quantum world – We also derive a lower bound by constructing a bit-commitment protocol from an oblivious transfer protocol. A simpler proof of existence of quantum weak coin flipping with arbitrarily small bias [ pdf ].

Known lower bounds for bit-commitment then lead to a constant lower bound on the bias of oblivious transfer.

Abstract This thesis concerns the analysis of the unconditional security of quantum cryptographic protocols using convex optimization techniques.

An approach to empirical logic. First, it allows one to model cheating probabilities using a simpler class of optimization problems known as second-order cone programs SOCPs. For example, semidefinite programming provides a tool for potentially improving results based on linear programming or investigating old problems that have eluded analysis by linear programming.


Linear conic formulations for two-party correlations and values of nonlocal games.

How to make unforgeable money in generalised probabilistic theories – Quantum

Copyright remains with the original copyright holders such as the authors or their institutions. Limitations on separable measurements by convex optimization. We discuss the possibility of creating money that is physically impossible to counterfeit. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 17 3: Nonlocality and conflicting interest games [ pdf ].

jamie sikora thesis

Interaction in a quantum world – Ultimate data hiding in quantum mechanics and beyond. Streaming communication protocols thssis pdf ]. Almost all of the handful of explicitly described coin-flipping protocols are based on bit-commitment.

Probabilistic theories with purification. A search for quantum coin-flipping protocols using optimization techniques. We also derive a lower bound by constructing a bit-commitment protocol from an oblivious transfer protocol. Lee and John H.

Learning with Errors is easy with quantum samples [ pdf ]. Optimal bounds for quantum bit commitment [ pdf ]. We create a protocol filter using cheating strategies, some of which build upon known strategies and others are based on convex optimization and linear algebra.


jamie sikora thesis

Experimental verification of multipartite entanglement in quantum networks [ pdf ]. Interaction in a quantum world.

Jamie Sikora

Physical review letters, 99 Long distance two-party quantum cryptography made simple [ pdf ] Iordanis Kerenidis, Stephanie Wehner. An operational approach to quantum probability. Helvetia Physica Acta, Privacy in Quantum Communication Complexity [ pdf ].

In this work, we examine Wiesner’s money scheme in the framework of generalised probabilistic theories. Umesh Vazirani – QMA with subset state witnesses [ pdf ].

Mathematical and Theoretical, 48 2: Using this protocol filter and symmetry arguments, we perform searches in a matter of days that would have otherwise taken millions of years. Physical Review A, Equivalence of relativistic causal structure and process terminality. Physical Review A, 81 6: