Photocopies of the documents Self Attested to be submitted with the Printout of the application form. Entrance Test for Ph. A study of economic empowerment of women through self help groups in Kerala state, India. Notification in English Revised. For rural women, economic empowerment the concept of self Help Groups SHGs based on group approach to rural development is indeed a boon to the rural poor women who undertake viable economic activities on their own.

Self attested copies of P. Promoting various income generating activities especially among rural women is perceived as one of the most powerful medium to resolve several socio-economic and even political problems. Primary data Of all the total respondents, 55 percent of the respondents strongly disagree that kudumbasree made changes in their social status, 0 percent strongly agree that there is changes in the social status. Other units use internet and billboards as their advertising method where both advertising method holds 2. We feel proud to record our gratitude to our Parents for their love, prayers, caring and keen interest shown to complete this project.

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The study looks in to the role of micro enterprises functioning under Kudumbasree in the economic development of Malappuram District and their marketing strategies. Candidates have to remit Rs. We have well equipped labs and advance technical facilities to facilitate all requirements of the student. The methodology to be adopted for a particular research project would depend up on the purpose and objectives to be achieved.

The private retail outlets are concerned, their modern objective is to provide and ensure consumer satisfaction and through providing exactly what they need and thus ensuring satisfaction, and earn profit.

The Entrance Test for Ph. Click here to sign up. If the calculated value of Kruskal-Wallis Test H is greater than the chi-square table value, then we will reject the null hypothesis and say that the sample comes from a different population.


The University conducts an Entrance Examination for all eligible candidates. Thesis only after three years from the date of kgu as notified by the University for the part time Candidates.

The objectively collected data has been suitably classified and arranged in tables in appropriate chapters. The programme launched in Village Panchayats and 6 Municipalities.

In the rural segment, 1, 45, Thrift and Credit societies are in operation covering all the Village Panchayats in the State. Empowerment of women is a process thesi women are able to organise themselves commercr community based participatory groups to increase their own self confidence, self reliance, assert their independent rights, counter and challenge the disparities and barriers against them, make prudent choices and also control resources which will assist in challenging and eliminating their subordination thereby bringing a beneficial social economic change.

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An analysis of the average consumer expenditure per person for a period of 30 days in various National Sample Survey Rounds shows that the percentage variation of consumer expenditure in Kerala commrrce All India in the urban sector stood at 8. To identify the major problems and challenges experienced by government, co-operative and private retail outlets and give suggestions for improving the performance of retail outlets in Kerala.

There are lots of factors responsible for the growth of modern concept of marketing such as population growth, growing number of households, increase in the disposable income and changes in the attitudes towards life, technological development, growth of marketing channels and growth of mass communication media.

The Research, Development and Innovation Dommerce has been created to play an important role in enhancing the Research Methodology and practices for useful technologically products and help students enhance their skills by thinking ahead. Thus, empowerment of women not just a goal in itself, but key to all global development goals. Submit Basic Details Step5: The mode of payment of the fee is Online only.


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Objective three and four. Help Center Find new research papers in: The activity of selling is considered abhorrent to the female gender. The correlation analysis revealed that age and credit orientation had non-significant relationship whereas education, income, mass media exposure, social participation, training received, extension contact, marketing kgu, value orientation and management orientation had positive and significant relationship with the entrepreneurial behaviour of Kudumbasree NHG members.

Synopsis for Ph D Commerce. During 64th Round the percentage variation was A candidate for admission to the degree of Ph.

mgu thesis commerce

Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress. SHGs consist of mu 20 members because any group having more than 20 members has to be registered under Indian legal system.

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The period of the study is from July to July covering three years. A study on micro enterprises promoted by Kudumbasree and their marketing strategies in Malappuram District in Kerala.

mgu thesis commerce

They are the result of the combination of right environment, proper planning, sustainable effort and innovation. Rural and Urban area of Kerala. In each Neighbourhood Group from among its members, five Volunteers are elected for undertaking various functional activities. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Of all the total respondents, 50 percent of the respondents strongly disagree that kudumbasree made reliable source of income, 0 percent of the respondents strongly agree that kudumbasree made reliable source of income.