A torque of What will be the net [unbalanced] force on this system? A ball, which has a mass of 2. What is the minimum coefficient of friction between the rider and the wall? How high above the ground will the ball be when it reaches the highest point?

How much work will be done by the frictional force as the object is pushed to the top of the incline? The two masses are attached together by a string in which the tension is T. Moments about a point. What will be the magnitude of the applied torque? Angular Momentum in an Inelastic Collision. What are the units of this tangent line? Y directed force as a function of time.

This boat then reverses direction and returns to the point of origin. What will be the IMA of an inclined plane which meets the ground at an angle of Pjysics force is applied to the crate so as to slide the crate up the incline at a constant speed. Most people enjoyed the excitement, not I think because they really believed in the physics but because they didnt entirely disbelieve.

What will be the coefficient of sliding friction mk for this surface? What should physicss velocity of this jet be in order for it to arrive at its destination on time? What is the orbital velocity of Mars about the Sun? Homewotk many “g’s” is this acceleration? A satellite is orbiting the Earth at an altitude of km.


Three weights are hung from a meterstick, which has a mass of grams, as shown in the diagram to the right.

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Suppose that the wheel has an initial angular velocity of What is the AMA of this machine? The child is released and is allowed to swing back and forth. What will be the momentum of the bullet immediately after the rifle has been physucs What will be the height of the ball above the ground when it reaches home plate?

How much work was done on this disc during the 8. What is the tension in the string?

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Assuming that this block phyeics wood blocks the sensor #4 a time interval of 0. This rocket is to be launched from Neptune’s surface with the intention of going into orbit around the planet Neptune at an altitude of 10, km. What will be the tensions, Tb and Ta, in the sections of the cable to the left and right of the tightrope walker? A space ship is orbiting the planet Mars at an altitude of km. An automobile is moving with a homwwork of A spring is mounted horizontally as shown to the right.


As a result of the addition of this mass the spring is stretched a distance of cm. Static equilibrium — interpretation of forces.

As a result the sled accelerates to the right at a rate of 3.

physics homework #45

What is the coefficient of static friction ms between the block of wood and the horizontal surface? Be sure to show the direction of each force as an arrow and label each force clearly!

The same boat in 6 turns around and heads back upstream.

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What will be the maximum gravitational energy contained in the ballistics pendulum when it reaches the maximum angle? What will be the velocity of the cart when it reaches the top of the incline? What will be the ideal mechanical advantage [IMA] of a lever system where the distance between the input force and the fulcrum is 3. What is the tension in the string connecting the two masses together? Organize and show your work carefully and completely!

physics homework #45

Find the largest shear stress.